Professional Service Management and sales Agent for Ethiopian Coffee and Oilseed exporters. 


  •  Building Interagency Collaborative Capacity (ICC) between main stakeholders ( this strategy will be designed);
  • Creating communication channel that help track the demands of customers through Learning Orientation (LO); 
  •  Identifying the competitors’ weakness and strength, thus designing effective and efficient Market Orientation Strategy (MOS);

  • Improving the internal structure of the exporting firm, empowering through online training and development programs, if it necessary in person;
  • Designing and implementation of HACCP;

  • Designing product track and trace system through a contemporary communication channels, such as website, GPS, email, and other audio, text and video communication technologies.

  • Creating functional partnership strategy that help minimize performance complexity between, importer and exporter


  • Creating superior customer value;

  • Sustainable and long term customer relationship;

  •  Increase competitive advantage
  •   Simplifying production and distribution channels;

  •  Hold accredited third party certification;

  •  Benefiting producers and customers in short and long terms;
  • Ability to produce and distribute a high quality of products and services in large amount throughout the year